“Christine Tokatlian has approached the repertoire with the intimacy that is provided to her through her Armenian descent, interpreting with great ease both the lyrical and dramatic character of the pieces, demonstrating excellent technique and advanced aesthetic. The character and structure of the works magnificently emerge not only through her interpretation of the simple melodic dances by Komitas but also in the elaborate works of the recording.An excellent job in all respects.”

Musicologist, Professor at Deree - The American College of Greece; September 2011

“Christine Tokatlian, turned out to be the ingenious and impassioned performer of those works. Her interpretation was characterized by both romanticism and logical structure. The climaxes of the works were magnificent and one felt that the whole structure was illuminated by her unique performance which surpassed the logic of development and interpretation. …I felt that many aspects of her profound rendering were being heard for the first time.But this uniqueness was not a goal in itself. Through her interpretation, she surpassed the text and enriched her performance with a spectrum of sounds that were colorfully lively. The feeling of listening to such energetic music did not leave the audience until the end of the recital and it was even reflected in the encore piece.”

Musicologist Azg Daily, Yerevan; May 1997

“Christine Tokatlian’s bright future is brilliantly marked by her virtues and her artistic vocation. Her radiant interpretation is defined by her impassionate expression, her strict commitment and respect to the score, her thorough care for the detail in performance and her complete dedication and love for the art of music. These qualities are evident due to her natural gift, on the one hand, and to her youthful musical momentum, on the other. We are still expecting more to hear from her either within her live performances or through her recordings. Listening to the ‘Armenian Piano Images’ her audience can become aware of her tremendous advancement through her bursting technique and most of all through her academic maturity.”

Researcher; November 2011

“…a uniquely outstanding artist whose every performance is characterized by the passion and depth of interpretation…one of her most dynamic moments was her collaboration with the Thessaloniki State Orchestra in the Khachaturian Piano Concerto: virtuosity, unique expression and musicality that undoubtedly derives from her radiant personality and I believe her Armenian descent.”